Snoezelen multisensory stimulation: WALKING TOGETHER -CAMINANDO Juntos


The past 11 and 12 November in Barcelona were held to Go Snoezelen multisensory stimulation Conference organized by isnâ Spain.

This conference presentation titled "Walking Together." The reason for this presentation was that this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of this initiative - to find a space to share experiences and knowledge in this field with professionals from different countries, and places. Initiative in 2011 led him to create the association isnâ Spain.

Ma José Cid, as president of this association (isna Spain), was commissioned in the opening ceremony of this conference, making a brief review of what has been 10 years away.

The leisure center was JOCVIU who conducted the whole organization of the conference which was attended by around 160 professionals from different parts of Spain. We also had participants from other countries as Uruguay.

The presentations were very interesting. Professionals already known by many of us as Ramon Novell, a psychiatrist specializing in intellectual and mental disabilities • neuropsychologist Francisco Rodriguez, leader in ASD research. These superb professionals made us partakers of the latest research have been made related sensory abnormalities in when, how to understand them and how you can take part from non-pharmacological measures with the use of appropriate materials and those designed environments by Protac (weight blankets, vests and special pillows).

We also had the presence of international speakers like Lauren Knodt, which focus all his speech the importance of how to make a satisfying relationship with each other, to achieve the maximum involvement accompanying the person who get our attention, always following the ritual ethological (observing the behavior of acceptance to favor the relationship). Also, we attended Hanna Holmer, occupational therapist with extensive experience in Snoezelen in Denmark. Hanna explained how it is introduced the culture of Snoezelen in this country, similar in some ways to our country, people providing services but also in other special and curious dedicated to unemployed people, students before passing an examination in order to reduce tensions with infants .... It was a pleasure to have this opportunity to exchange information.

Apart from these keynote speakers other speakers were experiences in different areas where you are using the Snoezelen intervention and also told us about the results obtained in different groups as collective • Lantegi Batuak CET (Bilbao) and EEG study conducted in two nursing homes (Zamora Leon).

Go in these conferences was continued with the prize for the best paper and best poster of the congress following MEMORIAL Pedro Pablo Berruezo.