Hi Maurits!

Thanks for your feedback, and I'm happy to hear that you all seamed to have a great conference and stay in Greece!

Yes, as I told you before, my aim is to bring snoezelen to the University of Stockholm, witch shall gain and benefit all students that feel the need, and of course the schools staff/employed.

I have a great interest now from the health responsible board of the university, and they certainly want me to present more information to them. And so I will, because this is (as I see it) my life purpose to create snoezelen-rooms for the public. Not only for those with a diagnose in any kind of disability, but for all who feel the need! I had a great meeting in the midst of November with the boss for the Swedish company, witch are selling all the things we may need for creating these rooms, Pernilla Karlsson (I guess you're already familiar with them?). We agreed that one of my first assignments is to create and make the project plan, for everything. Then we can see where and when Kom-I-Kapp can step in to the picture of this. So I'm now gathering all the information I need, and will get help later from the associated professor with the writing and academic language in the applying for grants to the project. On December 13, I have the next meeting booked with the supervisor for students health to talk more deeply about the specific needs on the school.


Recently it came a report that showed that the most common problems students on an adult level experience is 1) STRESS, 2) Insomnia, 3) Back pain. And I'm convinced that the snoezel-rooms combined with therapeutic  treatments are a great combo that will help all in that 'world' (university world) to reduce the biggest enemy of all, a.k.a stress. When we reach to the bottom of why and how they experience stress, a lot of the other symptoms will disappear. It's very vital and of importance to reach problems by the roots. That's why I'm so convinced this will work, and that the rooms + treatments will give all users so much better quality of life, and as a bonus, hopefully so much better study results!


I actually do have a much bigger and more developed vision of how to create a snoezelen center, in a glorious, marvelous environment, witch by the way will be The BEST Snoezelen-Center in the world! :-) And I have a little plan of how to reach that goal... But actually it requires hard work too. My aim is to soon start travelling the world and make a special film of different Snoezelen centers around the world, and to talk to people and users, making interviews about this topic. This also includes a part that will interact with the spiritual branch, where we can see that no matter what, we are all one! It will later to be used as a tool to reach great multimillionaires/philanthropist  to give grants for the big center I will create. It's so special and compelling, that it just has to be done! And it will give echo in the world of understanding both people with special needs and 'ordinary' people's  health.


And here is were you fit in, and I need some help/input from you! :-) To be able to plan for the journey, I need to have some information first. These are the questions I sent  to you earlier:


1) If you could recommend me where to go specifically, to see the work for more 'public' space areas of snoezelen, including tactile stimulation and beautiful garden of senses?

2) The second kind of places I would like to see, are those directed to both 'ordinary' and disabled students, especially on university  levels. If there is any special and well functioning  places/schools, you know about? Anywhere in the world is ok, no restrictions.

3) Can you recommend any foundation or other, whereas we can ask for travel grants for the filming project?

4) Also, importantly for the long run, can you recommend where to find and apply for funding's to the 'big' project of creating the Snoezelen Center?

5) I also wonder if you have any referrals to research about snoezelen connected to adult students, or know anyone I could talk to? I have been searching for research on the internet, but it's a bit "tricky " to find those with right relevance.


I feel so strong in my heart and soul for this work, and it will not even feel like work, to me it will feel like coming home again. And I truly do want to focus upon service and help for others who are stressed out and maybe not so happy, as they could be... It would be a place where even I could thrive and work until I die...

Maybe my film will be something to show on ISNA's web site, when it's done?... I intend to start traveling in May/June next year, so I would really appreciate if you could reply to me as soon as ever possible. It will take some time to ask for funding's and plan the whole project, as well as the trip.


Thanks in advance and gratitude,

Mona Mörtling