The cradle of the original snoezelen rebuild in centre De Hartenberg in Ede


In 1983 the first "Snoezelen " room of De Hartenberg in Ede (Netherlands) was  build.

At the time this was already a fairly large space (200 m ²) and this space had been used by  thousands of visitors  until 2000.

In 2000, a new spacious 400 m ² "Snoezelen" room was build because after 17 years of intensive use it was necessary to replace the old space.

This accommodation is now again after another 16 years of intensive being  redecorated and renewed.

Many new techniques are built in.

All lighting is replaced by LED lights,

a large interactive Living Surface, with a  special heated floor,

a large vibrating floor,

a balls pool with lighting,

and visitor touch screens to be able to choose light, color and music.

The whole space is equipped with a ceiling lift system that is connected all rooms.

A part of the old materials is given away to other organizations in lack of means to buy this themselves.


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